About us and our Services

We are a subsidiary of the SEO Mamba Corporation and we exist to promote you.  Whether you are a business owner, an artist, a writer, or an entrepreneur,  we will help you promote yourself, your product, your website or you book.  Below are the services that we offer:


We  will conduct a featured, in-depth interview with you about your book or your product and post it permanently on our site. 


We will  write a human readable article ( or you can provide your own article ) and the article will be related to your niche to give you the SEO power of RELEVANT links. Then we will add a dofollow, contextual backlink to your website with an anchor. After that, the article will be published permanently on our site. 

Membership Subscription

If you prefer to write and post your own article on our site.  We offer affordable Membership services.  Click here for pricing information.  Please be aware that  articles or submissions must not contain content on terrorism/illegal drugs/firearms or the promotion of prescription drugs or hard alcohol/tobacco related products.  For more information about our guidelines, please click here.